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Dec 17, 2022

<p>Conservatives target online &lsquo;trafficking&rsquo; of abortion pills</p>
<p>The Supreme Court&rsquo;s decision in Dobbs has thrown abortion law into disarray and conservatives say there isn&rsquo;t enough enforcement. The Washington Post reports that conservatives in states like Texas, where abortions are now banned, want internet providers to treat websites selling abortion pills the same way they treat child pornography.</p>
<p>&nbsp;Bankman-Fried arrested; SEC charges him with fraud</p>
<p>Responding to a US federal government request, police in the Bahamas arrested Sam Bankman-Fried, otherwise known as SBF, earlier this week, and he now faces fraud charges brought by the Securities and Exchange Commission. The crypto exchange SBF founded &ndash; FTX, which imploded last month and wasn&rsquo;t able to handle billions in customer withdrawal requests.&nbsp;</p>
<p>&nbsp;The Markup: Health apps share your intimate data with advertisers</p>
<p>The Markup reports that health apps are sharing your personal, intimate health data with advertisers. In a joint study, the Markup and STAT found that 49 out of 50 telehealth websites sell your data, with Amazon Clinic being the only hold out.&nbsp;</p>
<p>&nbsp;Immigrants sue ICE for collecting wire transfer data</p>
<p>Immigrants are suing ICE for working with Western Union to get their wire transfer data. The lawsuit states that immigrants send some $30 billion from the US to Mexico each year. The database &ndash; the Transaction Record Analysis Center &ndash; has some 145 million records containing detailed information on who&rsquo;s transferring money to Mexico.</p>
<p>&nbsp;Senate passes bill banning TikTok from government devices</p>
<p>The US Senate passed a bill this week banning government employees from installing TikTok on their devices. US Officials worry that China is using TikTok, a subsidiary of its China-based parent, ByteDance, to collect sensitive information.</p>
<p>&nbsp;Facebook&rsquo;s Trump ban expires Jan. 7th and Democrats are trying to extend it</p>
<p>Initially, Facebook had said that it would ban Trump from using the platform forever. Then it back-tracked and said the ban would only last 2-years. That 2-year period ends on January 7th and Democratic lawmakers in Congress are pushing back to extend the ban.</p>