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Jul 12, 2016

Marcus Jiménez is  Founder and CEO of Sticky Docs—a content creation, data visualization and publishing platform for enterprises of all kinds. In 2014, Sticky Docs was the winner of the Tabby Business Award for Best Enterprise Marketing app.  Marcus has also been recognized by Agency Post, the American Marketers Association, the Art Director’s Club, The Society of Publication Designers, and the ADCOLOR® Industry Coalition, where he was honored as a Change Agent Award Recipient, and currently serves on its Board of Directors.

In this episode, we discussed: 

  • a process for better storytelling to make your white papers and other information products more relevant and engaging.
  • Marcus' new incubator that helps entrepreneurs from underrepresented groups learn to run successful companies.
  • the top 3 things you should be doing to make your content stand out from the pack.




The Third Wave: An Entrepreneur's Vision of the Future by Steven Case

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