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Jun 4, 2019



Chris Jones (@cjones2002) is the Chief Marketing Officer of Dragonchain and Co-founder of the Blockchain Seattle Conference. He’s a long-time entrepreneur and an expert in strategy, product marketing and user acquisition. He is adept at translating complex, technical features and functionalities into easy to understand concepts. Previously Chris held executive roles with Adidas America, Mattel and Boost Mobile. Chris is an evangelist for blockchain technology and the people and projects.  In addition, he consults to other blockchain & technology companies including Storm, a gamified microtasks platform and Sirqul, a leader in the IoT space. He attended Georgetown University as an undergraduate and earned an MBA from Northwestern University.




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Amazon considering purchasing Boost from T-Mobile

Reuters reports that Amazon is considering purchasing Boost from T-Mobile. The report comes as the Department of Justice has called for Sprint and T-Mobile to spin off some property to ensure their proposed merger maintains at least 4 mobile competitors.

U.S. to require social media profiles from visa applicants

The New York Times reports that visa applicants planning to enter the U.S. will need provide their social media profiles from the last 5 years. They implemented the policy on Friday. The crackdown comes amidst a staggering anti-immigration posture that largely targets Muslims and people of color, China, and Mexico.

Markets rattled as antitrust investigations of tech loom

Tech shares tumbled Monday following reports that the DOJ, FTC and Congress will begin investigations against Google parent Alphabet, Facebook, Amazon and Apple. The New York Times reported that the DOJ has an investigation of Alphabet and Apple teed up. And the Federal Trade Commission will investigate Amazon and Facebook, according to sources. House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler also announced his committee will conduct its own investigation. The Nasdaq was down 1.6% and tech stocks in indexes around the world rode the rollercoaster in Monday’s trading. 

FCC broadband report ridiculed by policy experts

The FCC released its broadband report last week, concluding that carriers are building high speed internet service in a reasonable and timely fashion. This is even though some 23 million Americans lack access to broadband. FCC Commissioner Starks said the report’s findings are “fundamentally at odds with reality”. For example, in DC, some 9,000 people lack access to high speed internet service defined as 25mbps download speed. DC concentrates most of those lacking broadband internet in Wards 5, 7, and 8.

Airbnb host in NYC calls black guests ‘monkeys’ and calls the police

An New York City Airbnb host—an Asian woman—called her black guests monkeys and criminals and then called the police. The guests ended up leaving and staying in a hotel. You can find the link to the Instagram video in the show notes.


Tues., June 4th

Committee on Oversight & Reform

Facial Recognition Technology (Part II): Ensuring Transparency in Government Use


2154 Rayburn


House Energy & Commerce Committee

Hearing: STELAR Review: Protecting Consumers in an Evolving Media Marketplace


Rayburn 2322


House Committee on Small Business

Hearing: Mind the Skills Gap: Apprenticeships and Training Programs


2361 Rayburn

Wed., June 5th

Senate Commerce Committee

The State of the Television and Video Marketplace


Dirksen G50


New America

Speech Police: The Global Struggle to Govern the Internet


New America, 740 15th St., NW

AI and Human Rights: The Future of AI Policy in the US

National Press Club



Thurs., June 6th

 Federal Communications Commission

Open Commission Meeting


445 12th St., SW