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Jul 25, 2022

Veda Cruz: Play to Earn Games: What You Need to Know About the Law 

The video game industry has grown rapidly over the last several years. With new technology and more affordable equipment, more people than ever are interested in playing video games as a hobby. The booming popularity of “play to earn” games – also known as user incentive programs – has only accelerated this trend. These programs incentivize gamers to play specific video games by rewarding them with virtual or physical rewards based on how much time they spend playing, their skill level, or other measurable actions. However, as with any new trend involving money, there are risks associated with these programs. If you play these games, there are some things you need to know about the law.

Veda Cruz









Veda Cruz is an attorney who serves as in-house counsel at Gearbox Entertainment, developer of the Borderlands games. She received her law degree and MBA simultaneously at the University of Miami where she served as President of UM's Intellectual Property Law Society as well as a venture consultant for entrepreneurs looking to realize their start-up ideas. She now resides in Texas, where she enjoys playing games, reading books, practicing martial arts, or riding around town on her motorcycle.






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