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Apr 19, 2016

Patrick Gusman (@Lancieux) is the Chief Operating Officer of Sasha Bruce Youthwork (SBY).

Prior to joining SBY, Patrick was the President and Managing Director of the Equal Footing Foundation, and Managing Director of Social Sector Innovations' Startup Middle School a pilot program that trains and develops a sustainable pipeline of early-stage masters of disruptive technologies from underrepresented backgrounds at the Howard University Middle School of Mathematics and Science (MS)2.

Prior to his work with the Equal Footing Foundation and Social Sector Innovations, he was the Executive Director of the TechNet Foundation, Inc. (ConvergeUS) and Chief innovation Officer at the National Urban League. At ConvergeUS he helped give birth to a series of social innovation including MyMilitaryLife. In his work at the National Urban League, Gusman managed strategic planning and was responsible for introducing a groundbreaking social media effort,

Gusman received a J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center and a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Finance and a concentration in French from the University of Notre Dame. He serves on the board of the Kenya Village North Project.

In this episode we discussed:
  • the key misconceptions about youth homlessness.
  • primary reasons for youth homelessness in Washington, D.C.
  • how Sasha Bruce works with homeless youth and their families to help homeless youth get back on their feet.


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